Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Al-Qaeda is a concept, not an actual mafia-like organization

This video, part #3 in a 3-part series explores the creation of the concept of a global terrorist network: Al-Qaeda. Having watched numerous takes on the topic, this series dubbed "The power of Nightmares" is by far one of the most concise accounts of how global governments capitalize on our fears, with claims to protect the citizenry from shadowy groups seeking to advance agendas for a global Islamic caliphate.

A fantastic and in-depth study of the subject is Jason Burke's 2005 book
Al-Qaeda: The True Story of Radical Islam. Jason Burke is a Journalist for The Observer, and an overview of his work can be found in this 2003 article "What is Al-Qaeda?". Terrorism is by no means a threat we should ignore- But the use of a palatable and tangible target for us to fear; a global network with a definable structure and a sinister yet charismatic leader at it's helm has allowed governments to convince us that our safety is more important than our freedom.

I hope you enjoy both the video and the book as they helped shape my views not just on geo-political events but the capital
markets themselves. (which is probally why I like gold)

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