Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jr. Golds Relative to Bullion

Below is a chart of the ratio between the Venture Exchange (CDNX) and the price of gold (GLD). The CDNX is considered a proxy for Jr. Mining shares, and its movement the past 2 years illistrates why the miners, especially the Jr. miners have grossly underperformed against the price of gold.
A consolidation out of a nasty downtrend may be in the works. Its perhaps too early to tell but Im watching this ratio closely. When the Jr. miners regain some strength, it could be a signal that the ratio is about to turn in favour of the miners over the metal.

This chart shows a number of "fakeouts", hence why I believe this is just a seedling of a possible breakout. Notice the parallel downtrend line that has been broken to the upside with the RSI-7 confirming increased strength. The 50 MA has turned from down to flat and the ratio is above the 50 hoping to breach the 200 MA in the next few weeks.

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Bruce said...


I have been following several Jr. Gold. I presume that the play is to look for companies that have prospects to be acquired by the majors. The ones which I thought had good prospects seem only to go down. Any suggestions on what metricks to use in selecting Jrs. Thanks for the blog.


J said...

you can check out,
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